Beautiful Braided Wool Rugs Online

Without doubt one of the most popular styles of rug in Australia and around the world is the wool rug. These rugs come in all the styles, patterns, colours and shapes that could ever be needed and are renowned for their quality and durability. They are also surprisingly tough and can withstand much of what the household throws at them. So how do you find the perfect rug within all these beautiful options?

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Choosing a wool rug

Choosing a wool rug is about assessing what you need from the rug and where you want it to go. For example, high pile or shag rugs are great in a living room or a bedroom and a small sized pattern version can look stunning on a wood floor or against laminate flooring. These styles feel great under foot and can withstand being the focus of the room.

Circular rugs are another popular choice for the living room as well as the dining room. Having a round wool rug with all the furniture just touching the edges looks great and they also work perfectly beneath a round dining room table and chairs.

Low pile and braided rugs tend to be the better for the high traffic areas of the house and even come in hallway runner styles. These rugs are a little tougher than some of their counterparts.

Buying the perfect wool rug online

At one time, if you lived in Melbourne then you were limited to the items stocked by rug shops in the city. But now there is an online rug superstore that can answer all of your wool rug needs and see that your choice is delivered to your door. Location is irrelevant so no matter where you live across Australia, you will receive your rug in no time at all.