Top Quality Persian Rugs for Sale Online

Persian rugs are a traditional style of rugs that are made by skilled artisans in Iran, formerly Persia. These rugs are known throughout the world for the quality and beautiful craftsmanship but also for their durability, with antique versions still as good today as when they were made. These antiques can go for thousands of dollars or more.

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Australia’s top traditional rug supplier

However, there is no need to spend this kind of money to get a real Persian rug nor is there the need to travel far from home to find the best traditional styles of rug. We are an online rugs specialist who can offer the best quality Persian and oriental styles of rugs from our website. This means you can order from the comfort of your home and have the rug delivered anywhere in Australia from Sydney to Brisbane to Melbourne.

Tribal rugs and more

For an extra degree of authenticity, you can opt for Persian tribal rugs. These are hand knotted rugs where no two items are ever the same and include a range of tribal patterns from different parts of the country. These items are made in the same way as they have been for centuries and bring an authentic touch to your room.

We also stock rugs from other areas of the world renowned for their individual style. Moroccan rugs include those made by the Berber peoples, hand woven for that unique finish. Afghan rugs are another version of the hand woven rug coming from Afghanistan and are known as the most distinctive of the oriental rugs with their human and animal figures coloured with vegetable and other natural dyes. The Turkish rug or carpet is a knotted, pile-woven style of rug that is often used as a wall covering and feature traces from all the cultures that have made their mark on the country.