Stylish Round Rugs for Every Room

When hunting for rugs online or in shops, many of us fall into the trap of thinking that because our room is square or rectangular, then the rug we place inside it needs to be the same. However, there are lots of ways that a round rug can be perfect for your room and bring a new look to the space.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Circle rugs for square rooms

One idea for the round rug is to use it in a square room for a contrasting look. Image that you choose a circle shaped rug that contrasts perfectly with the flooring you have. Next pick a size that means all the pieces of furniture in the room touch the edges of the rug for a modern and stylish look.

Of course, the very best way to highlight a round rug is to put it on the floor under a round piece of furniture and a dining room table is a top choice. Choose a rug larger than the space needed for the table and chairs so that they fit within it. If the room and floor are both plain, go for a patterned rug while otherwise, a plain one contrasts well with a patterned floor or carpet.

Buying round rugs online

Often finding the right rug can be tricky as shops can only stock a limited variation and tend to go with the most commonly purchased styles. The best way to get the top quality round rugs is to use an online shop specialising in them. Delivery is offered across Australia so whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne or out in the country, the rug can be delivered to your door. Ours are the best quality rugs available and our deals are among the top on rugs anywhere, all on a single website for your convenience