Making the Perfect Space with Outdoor Rugs

When you start talking about rugs, most of us will think about the living room, the dining room or the bedroom, maybe the hall for a runner style rug. But how many of us think about outdoors? Now it is possible to get the best quality outdoor rugs from around the world to finish your outside space and all from the comfort of your home due to our extensive online range.

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Bringing indoors to the outdoors

Outdoor rugs are a great way to bring the look and feel of indoors to a garden, patio or other outdoor space. They are made from different materials than indoor rugs, tougher materials that can withstand the weather. This includes nylon and polyester while coating such as mould and mildew resistance are also added. Some even have treatments that stop them from fading in the bright sun of Australia. Natural materials are also used in outdoor rugs including bamboo.

Outdoor rugs can also be brought indoors and used in any room of the house if you require. You may love the look or feel of the outdoors rug so much that you want another one for your living room or hall. They then bring their practical benefits to the indoor space, such as stain resistance, water repelling features and general toughness.

Caring for outdoor rugs

Because they are tough, looking after outdoor rugs is relatively simple. Clean up spills as they happen and give them a clean with the vacuum as well as sweeping up underneath them on odd occasions. If the rug is water resistant, then you can even turn the hose on it to wash away the dust and debris that can build up over the summer. Then the rug can even be stored over winter or even left in place to enjoy those sunny winter days.