Natural Fibre Jute Rugs Available for Home Delivery

There are lots of reasons to opt for a natural fibre rug for your home – you may love the feel of materials such as jute or sisal, you may want an eco-friendly option or it may look the part in your room’s décor. Whatever the reason, choosing a jute or sisal rug has never been easier with our home delivery service available across Australia from our dedicate rugs website.

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Jute and sisal rugs

Jute is the softest of the natural fibres used for rugs and is ideal for bedrooms and other low traffic areas. It looks a lot like wool and is made from the green stalks of the jute plant, also used to make burlap. These rugs come in square, rectangle, round and more and are easy to vacuum clean.

Sisal rugs are more durable than jute and are made from the agave plant into a strong fibre that is then woven into the rug. These rugs can be easily dyed so come in a range of colours, though natural and neutral shades are still most popular.

Buying the best rugs online

Buying rugs online means you can access a far larger range than a normal shop can stock and means there are a greater variety of natural fibre rugs on offer. Whether you want jute, sisal or any of the other natural materials, there will be a range of shapes and sizes available. Because we are an online business, we not only get the best products from around the world but can also offer you the very best prices. Combining the best value for money, eco-friendly products and delivery anywhere in the country means that your rug shopping is a simple and fun process. The hardest part may be picking just the one for each room in your home!