Finish your Hallway with a Stylish Runner Rug

Halls are often the most awkward room in the house, filled with angles, stairs and odd shapes. They are almost always narrower than most rooms and this means that the normal styles of rug don’t work in them. But the good news is that there is a whole category of rugs specifically designed for those hallways – the runner rugs.

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Runners for all halls

The point of a runner is that it is a long and narrow rug that will perfectly fit into most halls. They come in a wide variety of lengths so whether you want a short one to sit outside the front door or a long one to reach from one bedroom to another, there are always plenty to choose from. These rugs also come in outdoor varieties so if you want a runner rug to sit outside your back door or across a patio area, then this isn’t a problem.

The type of material involved in these rugs leads naturally to where they work best. Hand knotted Persian rugs or wool styles are ideal for all parts of the hall while softer natural fibres such as jute are ideal for the lower traffic hallways. Outdoor rugs tend to be made from tougher synthetic fibres that can withstand an encounter with bad weather.

Australia’s top runner supplier

We are one of the top suppliers of runner rugs in Australia and have a huge range to choose from. We have rugs that will sit perfectly on wood or laminate floor while others that pair up with a carpet if you want to add a contrasting feature to it. We offer home delivery around the country so wherever you are, simply visit our website, select the rug you require and we will see that it is delivered to you as quickly as possible.